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We offer the best of instrumentation for medical from industry re-known brands across the world

Precise diagnostic & Medical Supplies – PDMS offers the best of instrumentation for medical of Belgian consumables from industry re-known brands such as; BD INTERNATIONAL, HIRSCHMAN LABORGERATE GMBH & CO, SARSTEDT AG & CO, BASTOS VIEGAS, ALERE HEALTH CARE etc, that offer quality laboratory and medical supplies, reagents and all types of Laboratory accessories. Whether it’s fine diagnostics and medical products, consumables or equipment, Precise Diagnostic and medical supplies has many product lines to provide you with consistent and tangible results. We are among the top suppliers of laboratory consumables and medical supplies in Uganda because of our comprehensive product range supported by first class customer service / distributorship, fast/efficient delivery, online ordering and competitive pricing.

Precise Diagnostic & Medical Supplies is a company truly dedicated to its customers. Proud of our company philosophy of providing top quality products and services through reliable business practices, we take the time to discover what clients’ needs are and offer the best solution to cater for those needs, both locally in Uganda and in the East & Central African region. Precise Diagnostic and medical supplies prides itself in the knowledge that it is a customer oriented company, promoted through the integrity of its service to customers. Our reputation truly speaks for itself, being a top industry standard supplier since 2003.

Through our commitment to providing a total laboratory solution, our highly qualified and trained staff, ranging from Technical diplomas to higher degrees, as well as our long industry experience allows us to truly provide clients with the best service, knowledge and expertise. Our motive is not only to satisfy the customers but to excite them and make them informed about quality products, which regard as “spoiling the customer”. It is presumed that this excitement is passed over in one way or the other to end users of our products and services.

Our Vision

To become the choice regional supplier for Laboratory and medical products to our esteemed customers and suppliers


Dedicated to serve our valuable customers with high quality products, services, education, training and after sales service; satisfying their requirements and needs at an affordable cost and to achieve objectives, goals agreed upon with our valued principals and suppliers.


Our values and principles are quality, high performance, ethics and integrity, Team work, community, National and Regional service.

What we do..

Precise Diagnostic & Medical Supplies offers customers a broad range of laboratory wares and medical supplies. We have a very broad customer base in relation to laboratory supplies from analytical laboratories, industrial sector and health departments. Our laboratory supplies are utilized for a broad section of applications including but not limited to high purity analytical reagents for research, testing & training in high end laboratories such as Hospitals, Universities, Research Organizations & support to Non governmental & functional bodies such as WHO, IOM, USAID funded projects like PREFER to mention but a few.


  • To ensure supply of quality and certified medical diagnostic equipment to our customers
  • To ensure timely supply of laboratory and medical goods and services by liaising with quality manufactures, suppliers and our customers.
  • Identify and source from best practice and internationally certified and reputable manufactures of quality products for our customers
  • Promote mutual confidence and trust between our principles and end users of our products and service.
  • Ensure value for money in procurement, supply and distribution of our products

Commitment to Quality

We are committed to maintaining our reputation for both quality products and quality services – Total Quality Management System. We maintain a proactive approach to quality so as to continuously improve our supplies and services.


  • Ensure safe handling, packaging and delivery of quality products to end users
  • Promote and assist suppliers in identifying safe methods of handling and disposal of our supplies
  • To ensure compliance of our principles to environmental best practice as approved by state authorities e.g NEMA, NDA etc
  • Advise our end users and customers in safe storage and handling of our supplies as guided by manufacturer’s quality guarantees.

Business Continuity

  • Respond quickly and positively to the needs of our customers and end users
  • Cooperate with our suppliers and customers to ensure timely delivery of critical supplies of laboratory and medical products
  • Ensure business ethics and integrity at the core of every supply
  • Promote efficiency and effectiveness in the business

Our Clientele

We have a range of clients from Uganda, Rwanda and Eastern DRC. Our major clients include both hospitals (Gov’t & Private), Clinics, Pharmacies, and Research Projects.

Where to find us

Precise diagnostic & Medical Supplies is strategically located in Kampala. 

Plot 15 Ntinda II Road, Lower Naguru East,
P.O Box 33326 Kampala.

Our Contacts

Tel: +256393194984
Mobile: +256 754 900004, +256 758 900004, +256 754 900044
Fax: +256 41 250352

Email: info@precisediagnostic.co.ug / sales@precisediagnostic.co.ug 
Website: www.precisediagnostic.co.ug

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